What is immigration medical exam and how to prepare for it

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A medical exam is a process to examine a person’s health condition by considering its medical history and physical health. An immigration medical exam is a mandatory part of immigrating to the US and becoming a permanent resident. It is also known as a medical exam for the green card. When you go to the immigration medical exam, you should bring your passport and other information about your health as medications you’re taking these days along with you. The primary purpose of carrying out this immigration medical exam is to ensure that the health condition of that applicant doesn’t pose a risk to the public health and safety of the United States residents.

Inadmissible applicants

Any of these health condition may declare an applicant inadmissible:

  • Communicable diseases of public health significance
  • Lack of required vaccination (polio, mumps, measles, hepatitis A & B, influenza type B, retrovirus, meningococcal) proofs
  • Drug addiction
  • Mental or physical disorder

Immigration Physical exam

Immigration medical exam is not a complete test. After passing the immigration medical exam, the doctor will give you a physical examination. The immigration physical exam will include looking at:

  • Ear
  • Nose
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Abdomen
  • Lymph nodes
  • Skin
  • External genitals
  • Chest X-ray
  • Blood test

Passing a medical exam and physical exam is crucial to show that you are not inadmissible to the US and can be issued with Green Card, Permanent residence, passport or immigration visa.

Basic steps for the medical exam of passport

A panel physician conducts all the tests, asks questions and collects the other information by physical observation. The immigration medical exam for Passport and Citizenship consists of three basic procedures:

  • Physical examination
  • Evaluation to examine skin health and chest condition
  • Blood test for syphilis

You should be prepared for the following information inquiring by panel physician:

  • During the immigration medical exam, the panel of physicians will ask you for your medical history about your previous medications, or you had to be put in an institution for a chronic physical or mental condition.
  • The doctor will also ask you about your addiction to alcohol or your history of psychiatric illness.
  • The doctor will conduct your chest X-ray to review your history of tuberculosis.
  • The panel will also review your studies and previous employment records to determine your harmful behavior related to physical or mental disorder.
  • The doctors will also ask you about some symptoms that will suggest you suffer from cardiovascular, pulmonary, or neuropsychiatric disorders.

Documents preparation for immigration medical exam

It is best to have as many relevant documents as possible to reduce the delay in a green card or Citizenship procedure. When you go for an immigration medical exam, you should bring the following items along with you:

  • Original and valid passport
  • Readable photocopy of the passport
  • Medical reports and medicines of the past or present health status
  • Eyeglasses
  • Required fee
  • Vaccination records
  • Tuberculosis certificate

Citizenship in the United States

The lawful permanent residence in the United States consider the following status for immigration medical exam:

  • Family relations
  • Diversity lottery
  • Personal investment
  • Employment sponsorship

You’re required to take the immigration medical exam and immigration physical exam regardless of the basis on which you seek green card status.

Medical exam for the green card

The purpose of the green card medical exam is to ensure that the applicant seeking a green card has no health condition that makes it risky for the health of the United States’s people. The preparation of the medical exam depends either you’re in the United States or outside the united states

If you’re in the United States

If you’re living in the United States, you’ll need to make an appointment with a USCIS designated civil surgeons for medical and physical examination. These civil doctors receive instructions from the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” to examine the medical applicants. After the medical exam and physical exam conduction for a green card or citizenship purposes, the results and findings are sealed in an I-693 form.

If you are out of United States

You will take the consular process if you are living outside the United States. In this case, you’ll file the application with the US “Department of the State” for immigrating visa at the United States embassy. The United States Department of State will conduct a medical examination for Passport or Citizenship purposes. The results and findings of this exam will be mentioned in the “Medical Examination for Immigrant or Refugee Application Form”.

Medical exam for passport, the medical exam for citizenship, and the medical exam for the green card all have similar basic steps, physical test, documents and conditions to declare an applicant inadmissible. The medical exam is crucial to ensure the US government that this applicant’s health has no risk for public safety and health. Immigration medical exam also includes a physical medical exam to examine the senses and functioning of lungs and heart. The medical exam for a passport, the medical exam for a green card, and the medical exam for citizenship requires some relevant documents. Three basic steps are followed to complete the process of the medical exam. The medical exam is mandatory whether you’re living in the United States or not. The results of the medical exam and physical exam are sealed in the forms for future procedure.

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