Experience the world of modern X-ray with our innovative systems that provide the very best images. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and highly trained radiologists, Urgent Way’s X-ray service delivers safer, faster and more accurate X-rays than any other alternative out there.

We are proud of our walk-in medical centers that are now reputable for offering the newest technology, low radiation digital X-ray solutions to assist in diagnosing both orthopedic problems and non-orthopedic conditions.

Our highly qualified radiologists are the best in the industry, and have the ability to accurately perform and read X-rays on children and adults of all ages.

Is it broken or sprained? Just a cold or walking pneumonia? No matter the problem, our X-ray specialists are on call every single day so we can get to the bottom of it. We offer digital X-ray services on-site, and hence save you unnecessary trips around.

Reputable for fast, reliable and cost-effective X-ray services, we ensure all the X-ray imagery are viewed and studied by our provider before being digitally transmitted over a very secure network to our in-house radiologist for confirmatory reading.

Urgent Way’s solutions provide the highest quality of care right where you are. You don’t need any appointment with our radiologist, just walk right in and get assistance from our friendly and board-certified medical professionals.

Our team includes licensed radiologists, X-ray technicians and nurses who are on-site every day, for 365 days a year.

The X-ray services provided at Urgent Way are unmatched in unique ways: They are highly affordable and have no wait time whatsoever. Without compromise on the quality of care we offer our patients, we provide superior X-ray solutions at a fraction of the cost charged by major hospitals.

Are you looking for urgent and convenient X-rays within New York City? Urgent Way, a walk-in medical center is definite! If you require the X-ray imagery on a CD, our specialist can give that to you as well so your doctor or orthopedic surgeon can review it at their office.

As an urgent care provider, we are in network with other major health plans and so our X-rays are a covered service. Indeed, Urgent Way is the #1 choice for X-rays! Why Wait longer? Walk in and get your X-ray done today!