Wound Care

Urgent Way; our name is what we do! We offer urgent and comprehensive walk-in healthcare services in the neighborhood.
While you can always take care of cuts and scrapes at home, there are some severe wounds—the kind that needs stitches and other specialized care; those require a specialist. Urgent Way is the specialist.

Using a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified medical professionals trained in treating even the most stubborn wounds, we manage your wound and ensure it’s healed in the shortest time possible.

As a walk-in facility offering premium wound care, we’ve invested in the latest technologies and treatment options including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to accelerate the healing process of your wound.

Featuring specialty-trained physicians, technicians, nurses and therapists, our team offers a multidisciplinary approach to wound assessment and care. Our comprehensive and individualized wound treatment and management program is designed to be effective and unique to each patient.
Our specialists are ABWM certified, hence extensively trained in advanced wound care techniques. They are proficient and provide effective and personalized wound care to the people we serve.

From crush injuries and soft tissue wounds to burns, insect bites and Arterial Ulcers, Urgent Way is committed to providing exceptional wound treatment for patients as well as top-notch service to referring physicians.

So, how many times has your wife told you to be careful when slicing onions? Have no worries if you failed to heed to her warning. Our wound care specialists will get you stitched up fast so you are back in the kitchen in no time.
Wound care services provided at Urgent Way walk-in medical clinics entail a well-coordinated system of care, offered at multiple access points within the New York City and Long Island.

As a reputable medical center offering a wide spectrum of healthcare services, when you walk-in to any of our clinics located in NYC for wound care, we don’t just treat the wound, but the whole YOU as well.

Are you a candidate of specialize wound care in NYC? Trust Urgent Way for the highest quality healthcare that is not only prompt and affordable, but is available 365 days a year.