Work injuries

Work injuries occur and often. Although the numbers have been declining they are still very significant.
  • *In 2014, employees missed 1,157,410 days due to work place injuries.
  • *The leading types of injury, in 2014, were sprains, strains, and tears.
  • *420,870 days-away-from-work occurred due to the leading types of injury
Urgent Way treats work related injuries.The medical center will provide prompt medical care. Our main objective will be the injured worker.

Here the employee will receive outstanding, hassle free treatment. The employer too is helped throughout the paperwork process.

  • *39% of the missed days of work applied to female employees/li>
  • *Falls, slips, or trips accounted for an additional 27% in 2014.
  • *Men incurred sprains, strains, or tears at a greater rate than women.
  • *Women workers had a higher incidence rate for bruises and contusions.

During treatment we will work with the employee to determine restrictions at their workplace. These restrictions will become modified abilities for the injured employee. They need to be defined specifically based upon the work place. Various job types will have different job requirements. No two employees’ restrictions will ever be the same.

Examples of some restrictions that might be required of an injured employee are seen below. It is clear to see why no two sets of restrictions will be the same.

Unable to stand for more than four hours

Unable to do repetitive jobs tasks more than two hours

No use of the right hand permitted

Lifting items under five pounds only

Only light duties permissible prior to recheck

Must sit at least once every three hours to prevent strain

Must keep left foot elevated throughout the workday

Must not be exposed to temperatures over 80 degrees

The new abilities ensure a proper healing process. Once documented they will assist the employee for their safe return to work.
Most companies will require return to work documentation and limitations. This includes when it is time to receive follow up care, need a recheck, or to stop work limitations. When in doubt documentation is best.

Anytime you have a new or nagging symptom we are here for you. Do not disregard symptoms as they can be a sign of a bigger problem. It is better to allow medical staff to determine if symptom is problematic.

Here there is no calling to learn an appointment is available. At Urgent Way patients can just walk in. No appointment is required. Typically, you can be seen in mere minutes.