Urgent Way is the ultimate stop for ultrasound services in New York City!

Since the very beginning, Urgent Way has become the leading medical clinic for diagnostic ultrasound services in NYC, performing thousands of ultrasound procedures each year in our numerous walk-in clinics located across the city.

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Our mission at Urgent Way is to exceed the expectations of those we serve by offering the highest quality service that is unrivaled by traditional emergency rooms.

We are an image you can trust. Combined with advanced technology, our competent medical professionals accurately employ ultrasound imaging to find out exactly what is happening inside your body to help diagnose faster.

We are genuinely committed to providing the best possible imaging in the region; superior enough to be trusted by doctors, patients and even major hospitals.

Our healthcare services are ever more convenient and cost effective. And since you deserve quick, quality care, our walk-in medical centers are open each day to provide the urgent care when you need it.

No appointments are needed. Once you walk in, our experienced medics and board-certified sonographers will take care of the rest. Your health is our no. 1 priority and we believe a good diagnostic is half the cure. As such, we are dedicated to providing excellent diagnostics when you need them, wherever and at a cost you can afford.

Whether you’re a patient looking for walk-in ultrasound centers, or a physician or hospital looking to partner by outsourcing our ultrasound services, we are confident; we deliver the best in patient experiences.

Are you in New York City and looking for premier diagnostic medical ultrasound sonographers near you? This is one of our specialties and what we do best every single day.