Sports Injuries

At Urgent Way, we promote a healthy lifestyle and often encourage our patients to participate in their favorite sports. However, sometimes active participation in sports can lead to sprains, strains and stress on various body parts.

At Urgent Way walk-in medical center, we are compassionate and understand just how difficult and painful it can be when one suffers from sports injuries. Our specialists and chiropractors combine advanced technology and all-natural therapy to treat and alleviate all symptoms, getting you back to your active lifestyle immediately.

Did your ankle get swollen to three times its size at your company’s softball game? Depending on the type of sport you play, injuries may differ. We’ll get you all patched up so you can join your team for a celebration.
Some of the common injuries we treat include:

Some of the common injuries we treat include:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendinitis
  • Spinal misalignments
  • Contusions
  • Stress factors
  • Tennis Elbow

Every patient is unique to us and we carefully evaluate and design a treatment plan based on their specific needs. Our walk-in setting at our clinics offers convenient and the best care and results possible for the people we serve.

Urgent Way’s approach to treating sports injuries is deeply rooted in this simple philosophy: Urgent Care When You Need it the Most, at a Price You Can Afford. We’ve invested in specialized chiropractic care to ensure effective treatment of multiple sports injuries in one visit. Our #1 priority is to improve our patients’ health holistically; inside out!

Your NYC walk-in medical center, Urgent Way has been providing reliable treatment and pain relief to hundreds of athletes since the very beginning. Our highly-experienced team of chiropractors and other medical professionals provide several treatment options for patients.
Are you searching for the best sports injury prevention and treatment solution? Wellness awaits you at Urgent Care! We prevent and restore your body stability and functioning through clever techniques that are unmatched and unique to our facilities.

We can treat all sorts of musculoskeletal sports injuries. If you’re an athlete, run regularly or workout in a gym, we can effectively treat your sports injuries as well as help prevent future injuries.

No appointments please! Simply walk-in any day or weekend for Convenient, Affordable, Quality and Prompt services that save you time!