school physicals - parent walking child to school

Ensure a smart and healthy start to the school year with an annual exam.

Preparing your children for a new school year can be overwhelming. Your to-do list mounts, as you scramble to gather school supplies and outfit the kids for fall. And while a back-to-school physical may not seem urgent, this annual exam is an important check-up on your child’s health that you do not want to skip!

Children and teens of all ages should see a health care provider every year for a routine school physical.

During a school physical, the doctor will perform a comprehensive physical exam and address any development, emotional, and social concerns you may have. For teens, the visit also serves as an opportunity to discuss issues such as drinking, smoking, drugs, sexual activity, and depression.

If your child is an athlete, the doctor will address sports-specific issues, including injury prevention, nutrition, and physical fitness.

Make sure your child is healthy and ready for a successful school year. Head into UrgentWay Medical Center today for a fast and affordable back-to-school physical exam.