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UrgentWay has all your physical exam requirements covered under one roof. Our staff can conduct examinations for employment, school, sports, and camping activities. Our thorough physicals are conducted by certified professionals that follow standard procedures and guidelines.

Physicals offered at our six locations in New York City and Long Island include:

About UrgentWay Physicals

School Physical

Various schools require that children be up-to-date with their immunizations and have a thorough physical exam prior to their enrollment. A school physical is the first step to ensure that your child remains healthy for the rest of the year. Simply walk in at any time to get your child’s physical done with minimal wait times.

Sports/Camp Physical

A child’s health means the world to us. We at UrgentWay ensure that your child gets a complete physical exam so they can safely meet all demands of sports, school, and camp activities.

If your child has experienced any injury or medical condition in the past and has been held out of physical education classes, a physical is required to get clearance and resume sports activities. A sports physical needs to be performed 6 weeks in advance of a sports season so that ample time is available for any follow ups that may be required.

Sports physicals are also extremely important for athletes to manage their health during and after the sports season. For example, if a child has asthma and she is looking forward to joining a soccer club, the doctor might prescribe a different inhaler or adjust her dosage for easier breathing during running. The physician might also guide them with health tips on how to avoid injuries and maintain a better diet with specific exercise to ensure they stay at the top of their game.

Bring the Following with You for School & Sports Physicals:

  • A school physical form
  • Your child’s most recent immunization record
  • An insurance card and a driver’s license

Pre-employment and Work Physical

Organizations require pre-employment physicals to determine whether a candidate is physically capable to perform specific tasks of a job. A urine drug screen may also be required by some companies before making the final job offer.

Insurance Physical

Health and life insurance companies may sometimes require a thorough physical to determine if you have any life threatening conditions. This typically includes a urine test, blood test, stress test, and other tests such as an EKG. On the basis of the results, the concerned parties decide whether a person is eligible for insurance and what level of premium should be charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a physical required for me?

Getting a physical may be one of the biggest favors which you can do for yourself. A thorough annual physical exam can help in screening and early detection of various diseases. Complete physicals are also essential for monitoring chronic and acute illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or thyroid issues.

Pre-employment physicals may also be required for adults that wish to work for a company that have physically demanding jobs. These employment physicals include various stress test that measure stamina and strength.

Our physicians can help you understand the potential risks which are involved in various diseases and ensure that you stay healthy 365 days a year.

Why is a physical required for my child?

Schools require children to undergo physical examinations in order to be admitted or take part in sports or camp activities. Physical’s ensure that the child is physically fit to meet the demands of strenuous activities and stays healthy throughout the year. These can also reveal conditions for which your child may require further treatment such as breathing problems, asthma, or cardiac issues. Regular school physicals are a good practice to make sure your child’s long term health.

It’s not safe for your child to participate in sports if they have experienced any of the following in the past:

  • Breathing problems
  • Chest pains
  • Fatigue
  • Heart murmurs

What takes place during a physical?

You do not need to fill out any form before the visit. All forms are completed on-site at the time of service. There are two parts to the physical which include an in-depth review of medical history and the actual physical exam.

Medical History

The doctor will conduct a review of your family history in detail to identify any serious diseases such as asthma, diabetes, cardiac issues, high blood pressures, and more. The extensive review includes the following:

  • Medical history questionnaire
  • Record of family medical history
  • Allergies
  • Any medications taken
  • Previous hospitalizations or surgeries
  • Past injuries (including concussions, sprains, or bone fractures)

In case any existing conditions are discovered, the doctors will prescribe medications accordingly or suggest improved prescriptions.

Physical Exam

It would include the following:

  • A thorough fitness evaluation
  • Record of height and weight
  • Vitals readings
  • Vision test
  • Range of motion test
  • Laboratory tests (if necessary)
  • Health and lifestyle counseling

What happens after a physical?

Once the physical exam is complete, the doctor will give clearance to ensure that all requirements of the physical exam have been met and that the person/child is fully fit to participate in sports activities or meet the job requirements (for whichever purpose the physical is conducted). The doctor might require follow-up visits, additional tests, or specific treatment plans for certain medical conditions.

What happens if the doctor asks you to take your child to a specialist?

Parents should not worry if this happens. A visit to a specialist does not mean that your child will never be able to participate in soccer or hockey games. The overall goal of these physicals is to ensure that a child is physical healthy and not to disqualify them all together from participating in sports and camping activities.