Patient Services

Urgent Way provides the highest quality of care right in your neighborhood. There’s no need for an appointment, just walk right in and you’ll be treated by board-certified medical professionals. Our team includes licensed doctors, nurses, and X-ray technicians who are all on-site every day, 365 days a year.

The care provided at Urgent Way surpasses that of a typical emergency room in two ways: It is more affordable and has no wait time. Without the extreme overhead of a major hospital, Urgent Way can provide the same quality care at a fraction of the cost.

Adult Care

Life is too busy to be laid up with an illness or injury. We help you get better quickly so you can get back to your life.

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Common Illnesses

Whether you’ve got a cold, migraine, UTI, asthma, or skin infection, we’ll get you feeling better as quickly as possible.

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Drug Screening

We offer a broad range of drug screening options that will meet your employers’ unique business needs.

Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Care

Whether your allergies are acting up or you suddenly feel dizzy, our ENT services treat all of your troubles from the neck up.

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Foreign Body Removal

Did the gummy bear you gave her end up getting in her nose? Don’t worry, we’re experts at getting things out of places they don’t belong.

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Laboratory Services

Our lab is state of the art so we can provide you with all kinds of testing, including common blood screenings and even genetic testing.

Medication Services

Our doctors are able to treat you with IV fluids and prescribe any type of medication on a case-by-case basis.

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Osteopathic Medicine

We offer primary care specialties including family medicine, general internal medicine, pediatrics, and gynecology.

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Pediatric Care

There is nothing worse than having a sick child. We get it because we’re parents too. With us, your child is in good hands.

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Whether you need them for a sports team, pre-employment, or for the Department of Transportation (DOT), we make them quick and painless.

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Sports Injuries

Did your ankle get swollen to three times its size at your company’s softball game? We’ll get you all patched up so you can join your team for a celebration.

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We employ ultrasound imaging to find out exactly what is happening inside your body to help diagnose faster.

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Work Injuries

Whether you slipped and hurt your back in the warehouse or suffer from a repetitive motion injury, we specialize in treating all kinds of work related injuries.

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Wound Care

How many times has your wife told you to be careful when slicing onions? We’ll get you stitched up fast so you are back in the kitchen in no time.

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Is it broken or sprained? Just a cold or walking pneumonia? Our X-ray technicians are on call every single day so we can get to the bottom of it.

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