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The good and the bad about online pharmacy. Why is it worth buying medicines online? What to watch out for? Can you buy quality medicines in an online pharmacy? Continue reading to find it out.

Online Pharmacy. The Pros and Cons of Ordering Medicines on the Internet

Online pharmacies have flooded the Internet with thousands of offers. Many people see this as an opportunity to buy medicines fast and easily while paying a low price. Others see only risks, like poor quality drugs, fake medicines, and other pitfalls common online. But let’s not judge online pharmacies unambiguously. We’ll try to bust the myths about online pharmacies and show the real picture of the benefits and drawbacks you can face when ordering medications online.

How Often Do People Buy Medicines Online?

The statistics say that about a third of all medicines and health products in the United States are purchased online. Not a lot, don’t you think so? However, it’s worth mentioning that the particle of health products and medicines sold online has been constantly growing since 2003. During the pandemic, the numbers increased significantly as millions of people were deprived of the possibility of buying medications in their local pharmacies. Such a situation gave a strong push to the development of e-commerce pharmacies. The growing number of people using online pharmacies means that the credit of trust to such services is getting higher.

The Pros of Buying Medicines in an Online Pharmacy

On condition that you buy drugs from a licensed online pharmacy, you can get a wide range of services aside from buying medicines. Such pharmacies are operating legally and can prove this with the necessary documents. If you don’t trust what you see on the website, you can check the licensing documents using other sources. For instance, you can go to the FDA website, where there is a list of all licensed pharmacies operating online. If you buy drugs from a Canadian pharmacy, there are several ways you can check their trustworthiness. They are all collected here.

Leaving behind the licensing, let’s get down to the reasons people choose to buy drugs from an online pharmacy:

  • Convenience. Due to the round-the-clock access to an online pharmacy, you can make an order whenever it is convenient for you. Besides, buying medicines on the Internet, you don’t have to leave home, which is often a decisive reason to use the services of an online pharmacy.
  • Availability of medicines. It may happen so that the medicines you need are out of stock in your local pharmacy. This situation is almost impossible when you order medicines from an online pharmacy.
  • Lower prices. Due to the difference in expenses on operational needs, an online pharmacy can sell medicines at significantly lower prices than the brick and mortar drugstore. Online pharmacies often have direct contracts with manufacturing companies, which allows them to buy drugs cheaper. This also reflects in the price of the medication you’d like to order.
  • Remote consultations with pharmacists. Any licensed online pharmacy offers remote consultations with pharmacists. You can ask questions and get all the information you need regarding the dosing regimen ad safety precautions when using this or that medication. Besides, by communicating with the pharmacist in an online mode, there’s no risk of getting infected with the virus humanity has been fighting with within the past couple of years.
  • You can buy prescription drugs online. If you have a valid prescription, you can buy prescription medicines online too.
  • Several payment methods to choose from. Online pharmacies usually offer several methods of payment. You can choose the one you feel comfortable with and fulfill the transaction within seconds.
  • Delivery to the door. Forget about driving to the pharmacist. A courier will bring your package right to your door. If you worry about privacy, then don’t. The medicines come well-packed with no name of the medication on the package.

The Cons of Buying Medicines from an Online Pharmacy

Nothing’s perfect in this world, and neither are online pharmacies. Such a method of buying medicines has not only lots of benefits but also a number of drawbacks. Here they are:

  • Regardless of the time you place an order, it will be processed during working hours only.
  • If you don’t check the licensing of an online pharmacy before ordering there, you risk becoming a victim of fraud.
  • Your package may be lost or damaged in the process of delivery, which means you’ll have to deal with the support service, trying to get a refund or exchange the medications.

Summing up

Despite some drawbacks of buying medicines at an online pharmacy, the benefits still outweigh. When you order from a trustworthy online pharmacy, the risks you’ll face any troubles are minimum. So, be careful, and spend a couple of minutes of your life checking if the online pharmacy you want to buy from deserves your time and money. Good luck!

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