Types of COVID-19 Testing

With cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rising across the country, it is more important than ever that people with symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell, or diarrhea get tested for coronavirus. Even if you feel fine, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention advises getting tested if you were in close contact with an infected person.

There are diagnostic and antibody tests. Diagnostic tests identify who is actively infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. They are different from antibody tests, which identify if you were infected at some point in the past. Following are the popular diagnostic and antibody tests:



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PCR Test for COVID-19

Nasal Swab PCR Testing looks for the presence of COVID-19. A nasal swab is inserted into the nostril to get a sample. On average, results are usually available within 48-72 hours.

Who can get PCR Test for COVID-19?

Individuals who are having cough, fever, chills, loss of smell/taste, running nose, or shortness of breath can test for COVID-19 through a nasal swab. You can simply walk-in or contact the nearest UrgentWay medical center to schedule your Nasal Swab PCR Test in New York.

Book appointment for COVID-19 Testing here: PCR Test for COVID-19 in New York.

What does the PCR Test detect?

The laboratory will assess and examine the nasal swab sample for active coronavirus in the body.

What does a positive PCR Test mean?

Positive Nasal Swab PCR test means that an individual has COVID-19 and can infect other people. CDC recommends quarantine of seven or 10 days after coronavirus exposure. CDC announced that people who have close contact with an infected person can end their quarantine after seven days if they receive a negative test result or after 10 days without a test.

What does a negative PCR Test mean?

Negative Nasal Swab PCR test does not necessarily mean that an individual does not have active COVID-19. After the virus that causes COVID-19 enters the body, it has to penetrate our cells and corrupt their operating instructions so it can churn out more copies of itself to infect more cells and make more copies. It takes a few days for this copying to happen enough to be detected on a test.

What does a positive PCR Test mean, if a person is not having any symptoms?

Individuals without COVID-19 symptoms but with positive PCR test results are asymptomatic. The virus is still in the body and can transfer to others as well. The individual who has a positive test result should quarantine for seven or 10 days after coronavirus exposure.

What does a negative PCR Test mean, if a person is still having symptoms?

Researchers say that people who have COVID-19 symptoms should assume that they have the illness, even if they get a negative test result, to avoid further spreading of the virus. You can have a false negative if you have very little virus or perhaps the specimen was taken inappropriately.

Can an asymptomatic individual start their routine life while waiting for PCR Test result?

It is important to comply with CDC quarantine guidelines (seven or 10 days after coronavirus exposure). Seven days of quarantine if receive a negative test result or quarantine for 10 days without a test. 

How can you get PCR Test in New York?

Simply walk-in or make an appointment with UrgentWay’s nearest medical center by calling us at 877-276-9006 or by submitting the form: PCR Test for COVID-19 in New York


COVID-19 Antibody Test

COVID-19 antibody testing involves examining a small amount of blood sample, which helps in locating the coronavirus antibodies or determining if the person was previously exposed to coronavirus. This test is not used for the diagnosis of COVID-19. The negative result of the antibody test does not eliminate the possibility of infection. It is important to know that antibody testing of COVID-19 doesn’t confirm the immunity against COVID-19.

How do we perform the Antibody Test?

Antibody testing is usually performed by collecting a small amount of blood sample. The sample of blood is then sent to the lab for examination for IgG antibodies. The antibodies usually appear after two weeks of experiencing the first symptoms of coronavirus. On average, the lab provides test results within 48-72 hours of drawing the blood sample.

Would children be able to get Antibody Test?

There is no age limit for the COVID-19 antibody test.

What does having Antibody mean?

If you have antibodies, then there is a possibility that you were exposed to coronavirus. The antibodies help us fight against the virus. The number of antibodies decreases with time.

Is there any need for social distancing if you have antibodies?

You need to protect yourself and take care of social distancing and hygiene levels.  It has not been confirmed that antibodies make you completely safe against coronavirus.

How long do the COVID-19 antibodies last?

There is no solid evidence or research that highlights how long the COVID-19 antibodies last.

Is it possible for a person having antibodies to not get re-infected with COVID-19?

A person having antibodies means that it can eliminate the infections but for how long, no one knows till now.

What does negative antibody test result mean?

If you had a negative result, no COVID-19 antibodies were found in your body. This implies that either you have never had SARS-CoV2 disease or your body hasn’t had the opportunity to create antibodies. Study shows that it can take as long as about fourteen days after disease for IgG antibodies to be created.

A negative COVID-19 antibody test along with a negative Nasal Swab PCR test proposes no exposure to the virus now or in the past.

A negative COVID-19 antibody test along with a positive Nasal Swab PCR test implies that you have an active SARS-CoV2 disease currently.

What does positive antibody test result mean?

If you have a positive result, then it is likely that you recently had COVID-19. Quite possibly this test can give a false outcome since it might identify antibodies to different infections like COVID-19. Also, studies so far have not been able to confirm whether these antibodies will protect you from getting COVID-19 again.

Are there any health concerns if you are getting tested for COVID-19 antibodies?

No concerns, risks, or side effects have been identified in COVID-19 antibody testing.

How can you get Antibody Test in New York?

You can simply walk-in or book an appointment for COVID-19 antibody test in New York by calling us at 877-276-9006 or by submitting the form: COVID-19 Antibody Testing in New York


Rapid Molecular Test

Rapid molecular tests are point-of-care tests in which a nasal swab is inserted into the nostril to get a sample. The tests can be performed at a doctor’s office or clinic instead of being sent to a laboratory. The results are available within 15 minutes.

What are the biggest challenges?

This test requires skilled professionals and equipment. UrgentWay is equipped with the required skilled professionals and equipment to perform the rapid molecular tests.

How can you get Rapid Molecular Test for COVID-19 in New York?

You can simply book an appointment by calling us at 877-276-9006 or by submitting the form:  COVID-19 Rapid Testing in New York

Are there any requirements to follow while visiting UrgentWay?

Social distancing is used to reduce the likelihood of transmitting disease from one person to another. Social distancing involves minimizing exposure to infected individuals by adhering to spacing requirements and following proper personal hygiene practices. Patients should wear a mask at all times at the clinic and follow social distancing guidelines.

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