Corporate Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Solutions

Efficient And Effective Way To Have A Safe & Secure Workplace

Are you planning to reopen your business or workplace? UrgentWay helps employers provide a safe and secure workplace for their employees and thus promotes business continuity. Our vision is to provide optimal corporate solutions for COVID-19 testing. This allows you to focus on your business operations without worrying about the COVID-19 screening on a daily basis.

​Our Corporate COVID-19 Solutions:

  1. On-Site Rapid PCR  Antigen Testing & Vaccination Services

UrgentWay offers an on-site RAPID testing service in which our team will visit your office to conduct authorized RAPID COVID-19 testing of your employees or staff. You can book an on-site testing service at your preferred time slot. We provide RAPID test results in 15min.

  1. White Glove RAPID Testing At UrgentWay

We are also offering White Glove RAPID Testing (In-House COVID-19 Testing Service). Our facilities have a safe and friendly environment. Your employees or executives can visit the conveniently accessible locations of UrgentWay in New York where they can get tested for COVID-19 and get results within few minutes.

  1. PCR and Antibody COVID-19 Testing

UrgentWay also offers both on-site and in-house PCR and Antibody COVID-19 testing services. Our clinician will conduct nasal swab testing for PCR (polymer chain reaction) testing to detect virus in your sample. Antibody COVID-19 testing will be conducted by drawing a blood sample to detect if you have infected with the virus before and to analyze the presence of antibodies, produced by your immune system.

  1. Telehealth Visits

Telemedicine is one of the vital tools for virtual care, especially during the pandemic. Whether your employees are looking to get a consultation or medical care for COVID-19 or non-COVID-19 issues, they can get it online via UrgentWay telemedicine services.

The employees can get consultation from expert physicians at the preferred time slot for their medical questions. Not only this, they will be able to have follow-up visits and second opinion for travel and quarantine purposes.

  1. Covid-19 And Flu Vaccinations

Vaccinations are more important than ever during a pandemic (COVID-19). UrgentWay offers vaccination service on your site or at our clinics. Your employees can visit one of our locations or our team can visit to provide vaccination to all of your employees. You can reserve the specific vaccinations before the time of visit as well.

  1. Covid-19 And Public Health Strategies

The pandemic has changed everything especially for employers but clinical and public health experts continue to provide their support throughout this period. This is helping employers in getting prepared and reopening their businesses. UrgentWay expert physicians are providing consultations to business owners for improvements in the workplace safety protocols.

  1. Mobile Testing Service

As COVID-19 spread in the entire US, it is more essential to cater the need for testing through reliable and convenient ways. UrgentWay offers Mobile COVID-19 testing to organizations and employers to handle the safety measures for their workplace and keep their employees safe from exposure to COVID-19. You can reserve the space and time slot for mobile COVID-19 testing for your employees.

UrgentWay is focused on the prevention of COVID-19 and focuses on a wide range of corporate solutions for testing according to the best safety standards and reliable care practices.

If you are interested in getting corporate COVID-19 solutions for your business, then feel free to contact us at


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