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Guide To a Naturally Healthy Pregnancy

Guide to a naturally healthy pregnancy

From the moment you know you are pregnant it is important for a woman to take care of themselves both emotionally and physically. This should be with the aim of ensuring that you have a naturally healthy pregnancy. Apart from the basics like not drinking or smoking, there are other factors that contribute to both a healthy mother and baby. Being pregnant means taking care of yourself becomes more important and the fact that staying healthy depends on you means you will need all necessary information regarding healthy pregnancy. Having a baby is a great experience but one that comes with a number of changes and challenges. What is of essence is determining how best you can take care of yourself before, during and after pregnancy. There is really not much to worry about because with the right tips and guidelines then you will definitely stay healthy and also have a healthy pregnancy.

Tips for a Naturally Healthy Pregnancy

There are very specific things that every woman should have in mind as they are what will contribute to a healthy pregnancy. They might be simple aspects but also things that many ignore. These are as below:

Follow a Healthy Diet


This is definitely important before, during and after pregnancy as it is the only way for you to stay strong and also provide your baby with nutrients. You should generally take lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products as a way of providing the fetus with all the required nutrients. Another thing is avoiding under cooked meat and eggs, unpasteurized juices and dairy products and raw seafood. This is to prevent ingesting bacteria that could be very harmful to the baby.

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Regular Prenatal Checkups


Another important thing to do is schedule a visit with a healthcare administrator as soon as you are aware of your pregnancy. There will be a number of checkups to follow up make sure that you don’t miss any of them as it is both for your safety and the safety of your child. There are also some medical tests that will be recommended you need to get all of them. This way, if anything wrong is found then early treatment will be administered.

Exercise Regularly



Exercising is important during pregnancy as it comes with a number of benefits including building strength and endurance which you will need to cope with the extra weight that comes with pregnancy, it will also help you easily get back to shape after birth and lastly allows you to overcome any kind of stress or depression. The best pregnancy exercises for you to do during pregnancy are swimming, brisk walking, yoga etc.

Get Enough Rest


During the first few months of pregnancy, there are high chances of you feeling fatigued and this is because of the high levels of pregnancy hormones that keep circulating in your body. Make sure that you always have enough time to rest and that you are getting quality sleep at night. If you are finding it hard to sleep because of backache then you could try lying on your left-hand side with knees bent. You could also put a wedge-shaped pillow under your bump as this will help reduce the strain on your back. Relaxation techniques like visualization, yoga, massage, deep breathing, also come in handy for better sleep.

Drink Lots of Water

pregnant woman drinking water

Water is very essential during pregnancy and you should always stay hydrated by having a bottle of water with you always. Make sure that you are actually taking at least 10 glasses of water daily as that prevents nausea, keeps you hydrated and helps keep the amount of amniotic fluid at healthy levels. You should know that dehydration can actually cause fatigue, morning sickness and second and third trimester contractions.

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Reduce Stress


Stress management should also be a priority goal during pregnancy and pregnant mothers should learn to transform and resolve stress every time it arises. The factors that contribute to high stress levels during pregnancy include hormones, body changes, increased blood volume, food demands, etc. when your body is stressed it can bring a number of complications for your pregnancy and general health.

Avoid Drinking or Smoking


This am sure is something every woman knows and should be adhered to because it plays a vital role in determining how healthy your baby will be. The risk involved with drinking alcohol or smoking during pregnancy is that it increases chances of problems like fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and sudden infant death syndrome. These include conditions like abnormal facial features, heart and kidney disorders, etc. according to research; there is really no safe amount of alcohol that a woman should drink during pregnancy so it is best to just avoid it.

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Avoid Exposure to Substances That Are Toxic


Exposing yourself to certain chemicals, pesticides, radiation etc can cause birth defects, miscarriage and premature birth. For those who work in a farm, a factory, a dry cleaner, a salon you might be in contact with harmful substances. This makes it important for you to talk to your employer and healthcare administrators of how best you can protect yourself.

Avoid Caffeine Intake


It is said that too much caffeine increases risk of miscarriage and could also be the reason for a low birth weight baby. During the first trimester it is important if you just cut out caffeine completely.


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