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Creating a Healthy Workplace for Employees

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Americans spend a significant amount of time at the office. With over 40 hours a week being used up at work, it is important that employees are given a healthy work environment. Businesses usually shy away from implementing wellness policies because of time and funding considerations. However, research has shown that the benefits of such programs far outweigh the costs. Healthier employees are happier employees which further translates into more productivity, lower sick days per year and and savings on expenses like health insurance. Check out our handy guide for transforming your workplace into a healthier, happier place.


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  • Dawn Wilson-Mulligan

    I thought this was a great email. However, this one struck a cord with me since I have been conferring with my boss recently about transforming our office in such a way for us to exercise together. These are some great tips for employers to help their employees to be more healthy/more fit. These types of programs, along with other health programs that actually focus on the health, (like setting up tables for employee’s to check their blood pressure or blood/glucose level or perhaps having a health trailer parked outside the office) can be a great incentive to the employee to encourage them to begin to take better care of themselves.

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