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A Primer On the US Immigration Process

US Immigration process

The latest statistics from the Department of Homeland Security show that 990,553 people were granted Legal Permanent Residence in the US. LPR is commonly referred to as a Green Card and every year hundreds of thousands of people are in the pipeline to obtain this highly desirable status. The sheer number of people in the US immigration process and the complexity of the application process itself makes understanding how to tackle immigration tough. UrgentWay decided to take a deeper look at the US immigration process and the many steps involved in acquiring a green card.


We got in touch with an expert in the field, attorney Alena Shautsova. She is an Immigration lawyer based in Brooklyn and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, American Bar Association and New York State Bar Association. Originally from Belarus, Alena was licensed to practice law in the US starting in 2008. In our podcast, Alena discusses many different aspects of the immigration process including the application steps, immigration physicals and tips on how to have a hassle free experience during the entire process. Listen to get more insights into how to apply for US Immigration.

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