Back to School During Pandemic (Covid-19)

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Schools are a significant place not just for the academic purposes but to build a foundation of life for the kids. The direction is proposed to help school authorities as they think about how to secure the medical condition, security, and welfare for students and the entire school administration, their families, and social network and getting ready for teaching in the fall 2020.

This way forward is for school staff who are getting ready for the new start to come back to class in fall 2020 and manage the everyday activities with cooperation of entire school administration.

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What are the Indications and Impact of Covid-19 on Children?

Indications/Symptoms of Covid-19 in Children

Some of the common indications of Covid-19 in children includes fever, diarrhea, headache, sore throat, vomiting or nausea, fatigue and cough but there are many people including the children and adults, who didn’t show up any symptoms and remain asymptomatic after getting exposed to Covid-19 virus.

Impact of Covid-19 on Children

Early research suggested that children are to be at lower chance for contracting COVID-19 in comparison with grown-ups. While less percentages of children have been wiped out with COVID-19 whereas 95% of the adults are involved in Covid cases. Early reports propose kids are less inclined to get COVID-19 than grown-ups, and when they do get COVID-19, they have less chances of getting seriously sick. According to CDC, as of July 21, 2020, 6.6% of detailed COVID-19 cases and under 0.1% of COVID-19-related deaths are among kids and teenagers under 18 years old in the United States.

The data of Covid-19 virus in children is quite restricted due to limited research and it suggests that the children were infected by getting in contact with a family member. Some of the reports from the schools in different European countries suggest that chances of transmission of virus among students is less likely as compared to family members. For details, visit:

What Schools Can Do for a Safer Return During Pandemic?

Following are the precautions which can help the schools to stop spreading the Covid-19 virus

Maintain Safe Distance

The objective for everyone in school is to remain 6 feet separated to stop spreading the infection. The research has discovered that keeping the desks at minimum 3 feet separated and maintaining a safe distance from close contact may have great advantages – particularly if students wear fabric face covers and don’t have manifestations of disease. All the school staff should remain 6 feet separated in every possible way. Instructors and staff ought to likewise wear masks, limit face to face gatherings in the lounges.

Whenever the situation allows, schools should utilize outside spaces and unused spaces for guidance and suppers to help with a safer distance. For instance, exercises like singing, band and practicing are most secure outside and spread out.

Wearing Masks & Wash Hands:

It should be mandatory for every person to cover face with mask as it is safe to cover mouth for a longer duration if its perfectly covered, along with frequently washing hands for 20 seconds atleast.

To help in limiting the interaction outside the rooms, teachers should move within the classes to prevent the crowd in the hallways during the period changes. Tell students to have lunch at their desks rather than getting out of the classrooms and make gatherings. Don’t close the doors so the touching of doorknobs can be reduced.

Getting Exposed:

The recent studies show that children with age less than 10 are less likely to get exposed and transmit virus to other people but if a situation arises in which a student or school personnel get in close contact of the infected person, he should be quarantined for the next 14 days from the day he gets exposed.


The process of checking temperature of every children should be carried out every morning and a place should be reserved where they can isolate the sick children or the people who are not feeling well. For safety, the staff who is responsible of checking all these thing should use the face shields, N95 or surgical masks and gloves.

Disinfecting or Cleaning the School Area:

As the school becomes crowded place upon opening, every school should follow the CDC disinfecting guidelines for the school.

Precautions for Buses, Hallways & Playgrounds

Bus riders should wear mask and assign seats to the students one by one while getting on the bus. Tell & encourage students to use the alternative options of coming to school if they have. Keep a close look in gatherings of playground and playground equipment should be disinfected after specific intervals.

For more info on how getting back to school during pandemic, visit:

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