Your OwnNeighborhood Doctor

We value superior medical care above all else. With six convenient locations we are always there when you need us the most. Our board-certified doctors are able to see you quickly and take their time with you to ensure the absolute most accurate diagnosis. UrgentWay’s trained staff answers any questions you may have and makes sure you get the information you need about your condition and diagnosis. Our team will also set up the aftercare that you may require. We put our patients’ needs at the core of everything we do.


  • Quality: Excellent integrated care that reflects a high level of service
  • Integrity: Operate in an honest, transparent, and ethical manner
  • Affordability: Provide highest-quality care that’s affordable to everyone in the community
  • Responsibility: Provide effective care through our engaged people
  • Stewardship: Promote the efficient use of resources for patients, employers, and other stakeholders


To provide high quality healthcare that is prompt and affordable.

Most Insurances Accepted

We accept all kinds of insurance types including private, worker’s compensation, Medicare, and Medicaid.
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Faster Emergency Room Alternative

The care provided at Urgent Way surpasses that of a typical emergency room in two ways: It’s more affordable and with far less wait times.

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Low Cost

No one should avoid medical treatment for fear they can’t afford it. We believe medical care should be affordable to all people in the community.

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